Do You Ever Struggle With...

  • Getting your kids to listen to you?
  • Finding the energy to juggle all the different roles you play as a mom and maybe business owner?
  • Being sad, angry or ashamed of things from your past that you thought you "got over"?
  • Feeling motivated to exercise and eat well? Constant fatigue, aches or pains?
  • Getting the rest you need so you don't have to run around smiling on an "empty tank"?

Take Back Control Of Your Family Life

Hi, I'm Jinnia Low.

Jinnia_warm_400pxEmotional Fitness Specialist. Wife of an amazing husband. Mom of two fun kids.

At one point, I was dissatisfied with how busy and disconnected my family was.

After a number of years in crazy business-building cycles, I spent time recovering from health problems and depression.

I created the Heart-Body Happiness Bootcamp to help us moms and small business owners find balance, take care of ourselves and take back control of our family life.


You Can Turn Emotional Weight Into Useful Energy

Imagine Yourself Turning Setbacks Into Stepping Stones

Picture Your Kids Gladly Taking Responsibility For Their Own Actions

Feel Lighter. Give Happier. See More Smiles.

I'm in touch with a network of life and health coaches, personal trainers and healing arts professionals that have taught me to love my heart and body. Get rid of the workout and dieting extremes. Take care of this temple we're given in a balanced way.

Set aside 5-10 minutes per day for 7 days to train your "happiness muscle" and start losing emotional baggage weight. (Pssst... this often leads to losing those extra pounds or inches too. Yay!)

Train Your "Happiness Muscle"

  • 5 Heart Workouts

  • 5 Heart Workouts_Emotional Fitness

  • 5 Body Workouts_Flow into Movement

Turn Everyday Stress Into Positive Energy

Gain your own unique motivation to work out in 7 days!

Lose Emotional Weight and Get Physically Energized with the Emotional Weight Tracker


Here's What Other People Are Saying...

When I signed up for this program, I wanted to be healthier emotionally and physically.

With day one's lesson on strength, I didn't think I had the emotional and physical strength to get through the lesson because I was tired and overwhelmed with life, but Jinnia's simple message in her lesson made it worthwhile. She gave easy to follow instructions and demonstrated what I needed to do.

At the end of the lesson, I felt a little stronger and more motivated to continue with the program. By the end of the 7 day bootcamp, I was pleasantly surprised how I was refreshed and healthier. I was proud of my efforts to persevere through the bootcamp.

Angie L.

Jennifer GoldmanEasy to do and your emotions are kept in check. It seems to be a more balanced approach to becoming healthy. The emotional weight tracker was very easy to use. The setup was simple.

I didn't have an exercise routine in place. So having the tools to do simple yet effective workouts anywhere, anytime was great. I liked the self defense workout the most because I benefited from it the most. However I loved doing the workouts while saying positive affirmations to myself.

Jennifer G.

Katrell WestbrookThe 7 day bootcamp works with my schedule in that you can do things as you go. It's not a long drawn out process with a bunch of tasks that overwhelm your day. You can achieve a lot of these with just maybe 10-15 minutes of free-time in your day and often times that's all a mom has. So, it's a good way to get that self-reflection and exercise in.

The Emotional Weight Tracker helped me see what and where I was at daily and how much my stress levels change per day. While stress isn't always bad, I do realize I have a lot of negative stressors and many of them I can't change. I often worry about the exhausted mommy I can be sometimes and she's not always fun to be around but with the emotional weight tracker, I could see that I was doing better at managing my stress levels and that makes me a better mom.

Each heart workout gave me a new perspective and new way to look at my family and my actions in the day. I really liked the Self, Kids, and Spouse days. Those are three of the main things in my daily life that I have to balance and this program has helped me find ways to be able to communicate better with myself and my family. My most favorite was Day 1 Strength. I am often times very critical of myself and I'm always trying to get things right. The use of positive affirmations, helped me see that I am doing things that make a difference in my family.

I really enjoyed the video call. Just hearing Jinnia say, "That you've been training in your life to do the things you do" and that resonated with me a great deal. That everything I'm doing does matter. I'm not just a mom but I'm important and my existence has purpose. Many times, I think as a mom you're like "How many loads of laundry do I have to do today", or "Man, I'm so tired when is bed time". You know we all have those moments but we're a ministry to our own families and others outside and when we're heart and body healthy we can do so much more as a whole.

My motto is don't take no for an answer. If the Lord closes a door, find that window. But I don't do that for me. I fight for others in my home more than I do for my own self. Sometimes you just become the invisible person that may be struggling and are not as able to keep up as every mom wants to believe she does. So the self love is really a good way to change your mood and help your heart be healthy.

Katrell W.

What To Expect When You Work With Me

The 7-Day Heart-Body Happiness Bootcamp is offered as a self-directed online course.

For more personal support, I offer Phone Sessions and In-Person Coaching (Bay Area only).

*Jinnia is a John Maxwell Team/Essential Oil Institute Certified Coach specializing in emotional fitness. She is not a mental health professional. The education and training she provides is not meant to replace the medical advice of a doctor or therapist. Please see a doctor if you think you have depression or physical health issues contributing to the stress you feel.

Having invested thousands of dollars with marriage counselors, life coaches, doctors and global business leaders like John Maxwell and Joshua Axe...

I'm going to reveal mistakes I made over the years, plus the research and solutions to achieve deeper emotional connection with your loved ones.

Below You'll Find 3 Options Of Working With Me

Self Guided Learning
  • 5 Body Workout Videos
  • Heart-Body Happiness eBook
  • Emotional Fit Moms Private FB Group connection | emotional fitness | essential oils
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Includes the 7-Day Heart-Body Happiness Bootcamp

Video Coaching
  • 5 Body Workout Videos
  • Heart-Body Happiness eBook
  • 2 One-on-One Video Sessions
  • Emotional Fit Moms Private FB Group connection | emotional fitness | essential oils
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Phone Coaching includes the 7-Day Heart-Body Bootcamp + One-on-One Phone Sessions

In-Person Coaching
  • 5 Body Workout Videos
  • Heart-Body Happiness eBook
  • Lighter Every Day Journal 2017
  • 4 One-on-One Sessions
  • 1 Emotional Fitness Bonus Session
  • Emotional Fit Moms Private FB Group connection | emotional fitness | essential oils
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In-Person Coaching includes the 7-Day Heart-Body Bootcamp + Face-to-Face Sessions

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