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3-Minute Fresh Start Workout

We hear it all the time: Exercise is important. Doing it *consistently* can be challenging…

If you haven’t worked out in a while and want a bit of a boost, here’s a brief 3-minute workout I did in a private group that I facilitate. This is designed for beginning and intermediate level. The idea is to move your body, get the blood circulating freer and the creative juices flowing better. Those of you that work out regularly, modify as you feel fit to do so.

The focus: Building a Stronger Core (Planks, Push ups, Sit ups).

A strong physical core goes hand-in-hand with a strong spiritual core. Starting and figuring out how to sustain these in our own situations and schedule may be rough & rocky at first. I wholehearted believe it’s a practice well worth the effort.

Below is a graphic of the entire workout. You can download it to your phone and whip it out anytime you have a 5-minute break during your day.

Suggestions to maximize this:

  1. Think, “It’s just 3 minutes. I will feel energized afterwards.”
  2. Hook it to a habit you already have, ie. after brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom or _____.
  3. Invite others to do it with you, esp. those you think could use a nudge to “move their body” for better health.

Fresh Start Workout

You’re welcome to join our FB group, offering support for moms handling mood swings from preteens (and teens). There’s motivation for self-care, space for love, acceptance and just plain goodness. Just click the image or link below to join us!

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Easy Mood Boosting Foods

Good HealthDo you talk much about health with your friends or family?

Health was a topic I avoided thinking about, let alone discuss, when I was in my 20s and 30s. It just wasn’t that interesting to me back then. My mother used to tell me, “Your health is important. If you don’t have it, you can’t do other things.”

A lot has changed in the last 10 years when it comes to health trends. A lot more will change in the coming years. Here is what I’ve come to believe…

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If you follow some of the latest trends in the wellness industry, you might have heard that food can improve mood. Many research studies show the mood boosting effects of eating in such a way that sustains proper body chemistry. Along the same lines, the right kind of food can also benefit us medicinally.

When it comes to eating, I do it mainly to get energy and stay healthy. In the past, it was for weight loss or emotional comfort. A friend of mine will eat only when necessary or hungry. Still others enjoy exploring new flavors at different restaurants while hanging out with friends.

Whether it’s comfort eating, gaining/ losing weight, building muscle or any of the other reasons mentioned above, knowing our own goal(s) for why we eat can help us sustain healthy eating habits with more ease. To start this off, it can be helpful to write at the top of a blank page in your journal, “What’s my main goal(s) for eating?” Or record that in a separate notebook, along with your food choices. Below you’ll find 3 foods that are known to improve mood.

3 Mood-Boosting Foods blog

You can easily grab any of the 3 foods above for a snack or add them to a meal. Feel free, get creative with these. Do it with your kid. It’ll be fun to see the kinds of snacks or meals we can make out of just these 3 Mood Boosting Foods. If you’re in our private Facebook group, I’d love for you to post a photo of your creation in there!

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What Essential Oils Can Do To Bacteria

You’ve likely heard about essential oils. Did you know many of them can have a potent impact on bacteria?

The following video shows a doctor discussing some of the science behind what essential oils can do to bacteria…


I offer customized 30 minute consultations for clients looking to achieve beautiful health with essential oils. We meet by phone or video to go over your concerns or health goals, a little about the company, and look at recommended products. There’s no obligation to buy, but if you see something you like, I can help you order it at my wholesale price.

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Helping Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

Mother and daughter

I love hearing stories about others helping those who cannot help themselves.

Maia Ginnelly’s son, Michael, lives with a rare genetic disorder called Pitt Hopkins syndrome. It creates many difficulties in his day to day life. No known cure has been discovered to help his condition. While they can only hope for a cure, Maia decided soon after the diagnosis that she would learn more about the disorder and started volunteering with a foundation that dedicates its time and energy to finding more treatments and eventually a cure for Pitt Hopkins syndrome.

Maia gives her time, energy, and talents to help raise money and awareness for this foundation in hopes of helping her son live a more comfortable life and helping future generations have healthier, higher functioning lives. You can read her story here:

How To Combat Springtime Seasonal Discomfort

Flowers and Oils

We’re well into spring time over here, yet occasionally, I still sneeze and get watery eyes after being outside with the beautiful flowers and grass. Those seasonal reactions can create some struggles, but there’s something that helps keep me refreshed in the spring air!

I have quite a few dōTERRA products I would consider to be essential in my collection but one I have been using a lot lately is the TriEase® Softgels Seasonal Blend. TriEase is helpful to take before heading to the garden, going on a family hike, or even just to the park while the trees are budding and the bees are buzzing. This blend has three of the most potent essential oils for a healthy respiratory function and protection against all the seasonal threats. Learn more about these wonderful softgels and check out dōTERRA’s Product Spotlight: TriEase® Softgels Seasonal Blend.

Meal Move To Improve The Mood Part 2

Continuing the theme from last week’s Part 1 post, today is all about movement in meals.

Remember? Meal Move is exercise and food to improve the mood.

I used to think food was something you just had to eat to survive. So if you’re not that into food, I get it. I really do.

Have you ever lost the motivation to cook or eat good stuff? It’s taken many, many years for me to go from “not liking to cook” to now saying I love food. A lot of it has to do with the ways different food puts me in touch with how I feel. I want to share a few things I’ve learned so you can hopefully gain or regain the desire to enjoy food. Here they are…

3 things you can do to “fall in love with food” again:

  1. Find the connection between the food and what you’re interested in
  2. Learn how the food helps improve your health and mood
  3. Involve someone you care about and get creative
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For instance, I like making food look good. When I have the time, inclination and inspiration to get creative, I’ll arrange a dish with different colors or see if there’s a personality to the food I can bring out.

Did you know you can improve your mood with food? It’s fascinating how eating something like red bell pepper can help when you’re feeling down, not to mention it’s rich in antioxidants. How about the cardamom spice or essential oil? It can help with letting go of angry feelings. Put some in hot tea and you can give yourself a breather from an upsetting situation.

My daughter also “gets into it” with me. I like taking pictures of the finished dish. She takes photos of them too. We get to play with different angles. Then she shares them with me. We have fun.

Yay! Something I used to not like doing (cooking) has become something I enjoy doing with my daughter.

What’s one thing you can do this week to “fall in love with food” and make a Meal Move your taste buds?

For other ideas on “falling in love” with life, click on any of the 7 links over at The Bottom Bar created for the Lighter Every Day Journal

Touch Points To See How You Are Doing

Touch Points is a time to check in with yourself. See how you’re really doing.

See The Bottom Bar created for the Lighter Every Day Journal

Have you ever had somebody ask you, “What’s wrong?” and you couldn’t answer them? Maybe you felt like something was bothering you, but you didn’t quite know what it was yourself.

If so, you’re not the only one who has felt this way.

Many people can’t put a finger on exactly what it is that might be eating away at them. That’s because a lot of this stuff has happened over long periods of time – maybe decades – and continues to happen below the surface of what many people are aware of.

This “stuff” can be important feelings that have been bottled up, locked away, stuffed down. But bottled-up emotions don’t just disintegrate and disappear over time. They come back in different forms. And they get triggered by different situations and people.

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In this post, I’m going to share a tool that will help you gain emotional awareness. This will empower you to identify and eliminate factors in your life that create the emotional baggage that could be eating away at you on the inside. You’ll want to be aware of them, because what eats away on the inside can show up in the body in the form of health issues.

A Touch Point gives you a solid way to check in with yourself and see how you’re really doing.

It’s a tool from a section of my book, the Lighter Every Day Journal.

The goal of Touch Points is to guide you to see how things are going in your life under the surface. When you fill out the Touch Points for Emotional Awareness section, you are doing a diagnostic check-in with yourself.

Hard questions (that we likely avoid) get asked. Questions like, “What thoughts may be living in my mind that’s sapping away my enthusiasm?” You would identify these as Energy-Draining Thoughts.

Identifying an energy-draining thought accurately may not be easy right from the get-go. This is why we want to look at two other factors to give us more clues. One comes from the Food Cravings you’ve had throughout a given week. The other is about where you’ve felt Body Pains or aches.

We then work on eliminating the factors that are creating emotional baggage that you don’t need in your life.

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Questions like, “What new thoughts can I place in there that’s true?” get asked. These are Renewing Thoughts, and they counteract the energy-draining thoughts. Chances are, when you’re feeling drained, yes it may have been you had a busy day… but what’s underneath the busy day? It’s thoughts that are not necessarily true. They’ve just had a lot of time to marinate in the mind… making them seem believable.

Finding the right Renewing Thoughts also takes practice. And so we supplement with Nourishing Foods you can eat to replenish your energy and Body Workouts to release tension or tightness from your body.

Do you have the book Lighter Every Day? Then use the Touch Points for Emotional Awareness section on a weekly basis. You’ll gain greater emotional awareness and feel lighter.

To get Lighter Every Day, go here.

Movement To Improve The Mood Part 1

Meal Move is exercise and food to improve the mood.

Movement keeps things fresh. There’s a change in place, position or state of being. But for someone who isn’t ready to take action, getting into movement is like trying to push a hundred pound boulder up a steep rocky mountain trail.

I’ve grown to like movement. It has been instrumental in helping me unload three decades of emotional baggage that was too heavy for me to keep “carrying around” every day.

Emotions are powerful, aren’t they? Maybe you have a friend or family member that’s down and out, wrestling with some issue in their life for years and years, with little improvement.

Today I want to offer some hope. Change can happen. And change happens over time.

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Meal Move is a way to engage this dynamic of movement over time to bring about change over time. There are two kinds of movement I want to look at:

  1. Movement in meals
  2. Movement in body workouts

In this post, we’re going to focus on movement via body workouts. Movement in your body creates movement in your life. So, let’s start with something foundational. Let’s talk posture.

Posture is the way you position yourself.

Physically, it’s your body’s position when you’re standing or sitting.

Mentally, it’s your take towards life. The way you view things.

The attitude behind your position gives you posture. Someone with a winning posture carries both a positive mental attitude and an upright spine ready to support their actions.

In the martial arts, posture manifests itself in what is called stances. There are different stances for different applications of technique. The purpose for a stance is to manage where your weight is. Then you can easily shift it over to where you want to go.

Stances allow a practitioner to stand firm wherever they are and throw whatever strike they need from where they are. This means they have the ability to change stances in a heartbeat. It requires balance, feeling the ground and flowing with action. It can take years of training and practice.

Today, I want to start with a simple “Feel The Ground” exercise.

  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Note how it feels to have both feet touching the ground.
  2. Take a deep breath in through your nose. As you exhale, lift one leg off the ground, bringing your knee to hip-height.
  3. Let yourself feel the shift in weight. Repeat with other leg.

Do this a few times. Notice how your weight shifts. Imagine your center of gravity as a tennis ball moving. What kind of line would it trace in the air?

Second thing to notice. How do you feel when you have both feet on the ground? When you have one foot on the ground?

If at first, you don’t feel much don’t worry. Try this exercise again later on today or this week and you’ll start to notice something. It’s subtle, but you’ll start to feel it.

What you want to look for is not so much how good you can balance on one leg (although if you can, that does feel good!). This exercise is a way to learn to listen to your body. Become more aware of your surroundings, starting with where your feet touch the ground.

With practice, you’ll be able to stand firm. And if you start to train in the martial arts, you’ll learn to change stances in a heartbeat. The benefit is that you can deal with whatever comes your way with a calm heart. Stressing out can be a thing of the past as you “battle everyday life.”

Stay tuned, next week we’ll talk about movement in meals. (Hint: It’s about “falling in love with food again.”)

Want to learn more? See The Bottom Bar created for the Lighter Every Day Journal

Strength Rest To Recharge Yourself

Strength Rest is down-time for you.

See The Bottom Bar created for the Lighter Every Day Journal

As you get things done and grow in different abilities, what happens when obstacles come up along the way? Much like a bow and arrow in ready position to shoot its target, obstacles stretch us to get us on target. What we do with the tension created will mean the difference between an obstacle becoming a setback… or a stepping stone.

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Stability connects you to your inner strength. It enables you to stay calm in crises, so you can more accurately “shoot your arrow at the target.”

I can’t recommend it enough. Initially it may take some time to get used to the idea of “relaxing and treating yourself well.” If you feel you don’t deserve it, consider this. Treat yourself as well as you treat others, and you’ll feel as happy as you want others to feel when you’ve treated them well. The better you treat yourself, the more joy you have to give others.

So during your special time to Strength Rest, connect with your reservoir of strength. Relax after a period of work or tension. Let your body unwind. Rest. You’ll gain balance and perspective when you unwind from the work. And you’ll appreciate the stability that’s generated for the next cycle coming up.

Here are 3 things you can do to Strength Rest:

  1. Carve out 5-20 minutes for listening to your heart and body.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Notice any tension you may be holding in your body or heart.
  3. Pick one of the following to release the tension: Treat your feet to a rub. Laugh, play, have some fun. Take a walk in nature. Listen to music. Create art.

This is your chance to practice slowing down. Imagine being more productive in less time. When you’ve strength rested, you’ll gain clarity on what things tend to get in the way of your progress and when to let go of them. You’ll also gain the stability to engage in the next level or cycle with more confidence.

What will you do to Strength Rest today?

Everyone Can Help Someone

ss_wellness advocateIn this Serve Someone post, I’m going to share a story about one of our Wellness Advocates, Jennifer Thomas, who takes time out of her busy schedule to volunteer in her local emergency room and a nearby hospice center.

She helps with things the doctors and nurses don’t have time to do in order to keep the Emergency Room running smoothly and keep patients comfortable. I hope you feel as inspired by it as I do! You can find the story here:

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