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What Essential Oils Can Do To Bacteria

You’ve likely heard about essential oils. Did you know many of them can have a potent impact on bacteria?

The following video shows a doctor discussing some of the science behind what essential oils can do to bacteria…


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How To Combat Springtime Seasonal Discomfort

Flowers and Oils

We’re well into spring time over here, yet occasionally, I still sneeze and get watery eyes after being outside with the beautiful flowers and grass. Those seasonal reactions can create some struggles, but there’s something that helps keep me refreshed in the spring air!

I have quite a few dōTERRA products I would consider to be essential in my collection but one I have been using a lot lately is the TriEase® Softgels Seasonal Blend. TriEase is helpful to take before heading to the garden, going on a family hike, or even just to the park while the trees are budding and the bees are buzzing. This blend has three of the most potent essential oils for a healthy respiratory function and protection against all the seasonal threats. Learn more about these wonderful softgels and check out dōTERRA’s Product Spotlight: TriEase® Softgels Seasonal Blend.

How I Defuse Teeth Clenching

I found a solution for teeth clenching that worked well for me. I can’t wait to share it with you. First, a bit of background. In the last 2 months, I had extensive dental work done. During the course of treatment, I was told I clench my teeth while sleeping at night. I didn’t know I did this.

Did you know, clenching your teeth bears down 4 times the amount of pressure than while you’re awake? Somehow, subconscious thoughts “unleash their force” while you sleep at night.

To combat clenching, my dental care providers advised me to wear a mouth guard. You know, those plastic moldable things you can fit over your upper or lower set of teeth to keep yourself from chomping down hard and breaking more teeth.

My problem was, after the extraction of my 2nd tooth, I had to allow that area to heal by keeping it open and not let anything touch it. Wearing a mouth guard was out of the question for a couple weeks. Yet, if I clench more, it will hurt the area more. What to do?

Then it dawned on me, clenching at night could be a way for my body to let out the stress it didn’t get to express during the day. So I used a proprietary essential oil blend that helps decrease stress and lessen feelings of tension.

First, I prepped my jaw area with topical application. Simply pour 2-3 drops of the oil on your hand and apply it on the outside of your face along the jawbone. If you want to extend the results further after applying the oil, you can also run a wash cloth under hot water, wring out the water, and put the cloth on the area. This is an optional step, but it does help your body absorb the oil better.

Next, I put 4-5 drops of the Calming Blend in my essential oil diffuser. Diffusers are small devices that use cold air or water, ideal for dispersing essential oils into the surrounding air. This allows for aromatic application. When applied in this way, essential oils have an especially powerful effect using the sense of smell to elicit mental and emotional responses. The diffuser that I own can run for 8 hours through the night. Just pour filtered water into the diffuser cavity, place 4-5 drops of the oil blend inside, and push a button. This allows the oil molecules to spread into the air, so you can breathe it in while you sleep. Super powerful. (If you don’t have a diffuser, the next best thing is to place 2-3 drops on your pillow. It won’t be as effective, but you can still breathe in some of the oil’s benefits.)

When I woke up the next morning, my jaw wasn’t tight and achy as it had been on previous nights. It felt even better than when I used the mouth guard. (My mouth guard is the kind you can buy at the store, not the kind you can have custom-made by your dentist.) I was probably too stressed to think of using essential oils for teeth clenching sooner… but I’ll be doing this again!

If you or anyone you know clenches their teeth at night, what have you tried to help remedy it? How has it worked out? Feel free to comment below.

Contact me here if you want to try the proprietary blend. Until the end of this year 2016, I have the time & resources to send a sample in the mail if you’re not local to me. Just ask and provide your postal address (your message will be sent privately to me).

There are 3 ways to use essential oils safely. For more detailed info on how, check out this article. Be sure to use a certified pure therapeutic grade oil with no fillers or additives.

Be What Moves You

Just a couple months ago, I was using a cane-stick to help me walk (it was really a hiking stick). Going up and down stairs was slow. My foot had been injured from exercising too much and I was close to a small bone (metatarsal) stress fracture. Whether it had actually been fractured was up in the air. Both my family physician and podiatrist (foot doc) couldn’t confirm visible signs of one. By the time they had done x-rays on the foot, I had already been at least 2 weeks into the injury.

Part of the reason I was recovering faster than expected was *I believe* due to using essential oils to manage pain and help my body heal itself. It’s been about 4 months since the initial injury.

I’m happy to say that my kids and I got to compete in a karate tournament yesterday! I’m grateful my foot healed enough for me to participate along with them. Now to keep doing those “flat feet exercises” to strengthen that arch. 

Being able to touch both feet to floor again feels SO good. Also, being able to move around with less restriction and even lift up my leg to execute kicks. I can’t tell you how much I was itching to throw a kick as I watched classmates do so while I was hanging onto my cane-stick.

As I was practicing for the tournament, I received many pointers from my instructors and other students for improving my form. I feel very blessed to take their observations/advice and have the feet to “run with them.” After months of concentrated physical and emotional challenge, this is truly amazing to me.

The following three martial arts pointers stand out. They can apply to life too – a theme word for each pointer. They are:

  1. VISION. Imagine your opponent in front of you and keep your eyes focused straight ahead, not looking down. This to me, can translate into having a clear vision of what’s ahead in life and doing things with confidence.
  2. DIRECTION. Know the correct direction and face it. This alerts you to pay attention to the direction you’re facing and hence, opponent(s) coming from that angle.
  3. BOLDNESS. Throw an elbow strike by making sure you grab the opponent firmly with your other hand. Sounds simple and self-explanatory, doesn’t it? This move is like a close secret strength, but it tends to be under-utilized until you’re actually facing enough opposition to get you to bust it out. When you do use it, you might be surprised at how bold & confident you can be.

I used to exercise 5-6 days a week for 2 hours a day. At that time, I’d worked up to lean arms and started to build muscle. I’m not able to work out that intensely now. At first I was disappointed. But I’ve gained something even more valuable. I get to have vision, direction & boldness in the way I listen to, and love, my body just the way it is. I get to be gentle with this Spirit temple I’ve been given to take care of. As I care for it, I trust I’ll be led to build what I need to build to do whatever task I’m being summoned for.

Being able to move is a real gift. In the past, I’ve taken it for granted by not exercising at all and also by exercising way too much. Now I’m grateful I get to do any kind of workout to stay as fit as I need to be. My driving desire? To live a life that outlives me. Impact people for the better. Introduce those I love to the One who loves all.

What moves you to live? I’d love to hear your comments below!

I strive to share my mistakes in hopes of helping others. Get more of the story by grabbing the PDF below…

Turning Overwhelm into Opportunity

“When can I exercise today? I have to call the endodontist back. What should I do? Should I get a root canal or go through with another extraction? If I go through with extraction, I need to schedule the surgery in time for my health benefits to cover it. Don’t forget to register the kids for the karate tournament. And bring them to anime club after picking them up from school. What’s on the menu for dinner?”

This is my “mind chatter” today. Life gets busy as a mom juggling stuff. Throw in a health challenge or two or three, and whoa. Overdrive.

Then there are those “tamer” times when chatter still manages to cloud my mind. Do you ever feel this way? At the risk of sounding simplified, one of two things can happen in this space:

  1. Overwhelm
  2. Opportunity

The sheer number of things coming your way can feel like pots & pans flying in the kitchen… Maybe you’re dodging them while trying to cook meals and clean dishes. On top of that, if you or your kids are sick, good luck mustering up energy to fix a healthy-enough meal so you won’t stay in the cycle of illness. This can be overwhelming.

But today, I’m not here to talk about overwhelm. At least not too much. I know, it’s not fun at all to feel this way. So before “overwhelm” can turn into “overdrive,” let’s switch gears and talk about “opportunity.”

Do you want to have better relationships and feel less stressed? In the midst of all life’s demands, how do we get to a place where we don’t just distract ourselves with another fistful of chocolate, shopping trip or TV episode? We may feel better doing these things, but it lasts only a little while before we need more.

This post will help you if you’re tired of staying in that loop. If you want another way to see things. But if you’re not there, there’s no judgment. I know how hard it is, how heavy it feels, when your heart is aching. It seems like it’s never going to go away and the only thing you feel you can do is reach for something, anything, to stop the pain from hurting you more.

Just file this post in the back of your mind. Come back to it when you feel like you’re in “tackle mode.” Because what we’re about to tackle is our own inertia. We just simply want to get some part of ourselves moving again – whether it’s moving some part of us out of a difficult relationship, moving our bodies to mild exercise (a great feat after injury!) or moving our meals’ ingredients around to make a change in our mood.

Tackle your inertia… and you create opportunity.

Opportunity for bigger change starts with creating small windows of opportunity. That’s good news. If you don’t have enough time in the day, then creating “small windows” is key. Small windows are EVERYWHERE.

What you get to do, is look for them. Like a mini-treasure hunt.

Start by giving yourself a “Time Gift.” There may be a part of you that’s been disconnected from yourself for a long time. Ask your soul (which is made up of your mind, will and emotions), “Is this true? Is there a part of me that may be lost and trying to find its way back to me?” Doing this will help you start connecting with your real self – where health, wholeness and happiness happen regularly, not just once in a while. So spend quality time with yourself. Here are a few ways you can do this.

  1. Do Something Therapeutic. Listen to a favorite song, take a bath with epsom salts, get a massage with essential oils.
  2. Quiet The “Mind Chatter.” Sit in a comfortable chair at home or a piece of earth out in nature. Preferably with little to no distraction. Visualize any mind chatter pass you by in little clumps. Picture grasping a clump in your hand, then opening your hand to let the clump pass through. Keep grasping and letting go each clump, each worry, each item on your to-do list.
  3. Breathe During Devotional Time. Read a Bible verse or passage. Take a pause between sentences and take a deep breath. Let the words sink into your soul.

These are some of the things I do that help me and others I work with. The truth is, I can’t tell you exactly what to do. You are a unique individual with a different life history than mine or my clients. What you can do is take what sparks you, what inspires you or motivates you toward change, and make it your own.

Then you will have found your opportunity… and allow it to give your soul a sense of meaning, acceptance, and belonging.

For more tips and stories to turn overwhelm into opportunity (if you have kids, this will be especially helpful), Go here to get a free PDF guide showing three emotional mistakes most moms wish they didn’t make (and how to avoid them).

On Fitting In…

Sunglasses Fitting In

As I think about what my children tend to be concerned about, what comes to mind is the idea of fitting in. When I was school-aged, it was a big thing to dress like the well-known kids and act like them too. You would think that for adults, trying to fit in isn’t as much of an issue. But I’ve noticed that adults tend to conform to others just as much as children do. It might be more subtle, but I think it’s there.

How do I know? Well, I’m one of them…

Even now, when I look at my sunglasses and see that they don’t look like the latest trend, sometimes I hesitate a little before stepping out with them in public. I might get over it more quickly now than I did back in high school, but those thoughts can still be heard in the back of my mind, “Will people think I’m outdated?” and, “Will they accept me?”

Out of all the problems and pain in the world, sometimes I wonder, why be concerned about seemingly small things? Have you ever felt this way? They may seem like small concerns to others, but they are still real, valid struggles. For instance, feeling anxious about attending a gathering when there’s no apparent reason to others for feeling that way. After all, the gathering is full of people that are like family, where you’re supposed to feel safe and protected.

Some more:

“Why do people not want to hang out with me, but they can’t wait to hang out with my friend?”

“People say I’m too thin-skinned, too sensitive. Am I just not good enough for them to want to know me? Something must be wrong with me.”

“I feel so different from my friends; I’m not sure if any of them can understand me for who I am.”

“I love being creative, but I’m scared to show people my work. In fact, I feel like a failure because all my creativity has brought me is restless wandering and not being able to settle down in a ‘decent’ job.”

These are just some of many thoughts that can mess with anybody, but they especially mess with those who are deemed highly sensitive people. They may have suffered this label for most of their life wondering what’s wrong with them, when in reality, they are precious sensitive souls carrying unseen gifts deep inside their heart. If you felt or still feel any of these things, you are SO VALUED. My experience is that God might be keeping you hidden from the world until the world is ready for you – and you are ready to serve in it.

Do you want to use your gifts and talents in ways that are sustainable and not burn you out? If the answer is yes, then there is training involved. As much as we’d like to believe that our talent or passion alone will be enough, it would do us well to wake up to the fact that there’s discipline involved. And although it seems unpleasant and painful at the time, discipline produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

One discipline I’d like to share with you is emotional in nature: Training ourselves to have healthier thought patterns. Studies show that the greatest determining factor to our success in anything is not our education, background, or financial wealth. It is our thought life – our thinking patterns.

We live in a world where nearly 90% of what we see, hear and feel is negative. What can we do about this? Imagine flushing the negative out and replacing it with positive coming in. An effective way is to first identify, what’s the negative emotion and what triggered it? Then, to inject truth.

As an example, I used to feel frustrated and depressed, triggered by these thoughts, “I am worthless. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I don’t even know who I am!” Well, that pattern kept me stuck in a deep dark pit, in which I struggled with progressively more depressing thoughts.

I finally said, “Enough! I *have to* find a way to at least start really believing good things. After all, didn’t God say that He made me wonderfully?” That is the truth I was hungry for deep down, and ready to “inject.” And it is found in the ancient text of the Bible, in Psalm 139:13-14.

Something else that has helped me re-wire some of those troublesome thoughts – thoughts that don’t serve us well – is essential oils. They don’t do the work for you, but they do make it a whole lot easier and quicker to focus on positives, by stimulating brain activity through the limbic system. What makes it powerful is using them in conjunction with Scriptures to help bypass any neural circuitry that might be keeping you stuck in an unhelpful thinking pattern. For a bit more on how the brain works, check out this post on moving towards what you want.

I was reinforcing truths like, “I am valuable. I am loved. I am wonderfully made in the image of God.” I did it consistently, daily even. And you know what? Those depressive thoughts gradually made their way out of my heart. They may still try to get into my head every now and then, but they don’t get me down like they used to, and not nearly for as long.

As you prepare to see family and friends at birthday gatherings and other parties, try to keep in mind that the way they treat you may not be anything about you. They may be seeing you through the lens of their own thinking patterns and be taking it out on you – and you may feel it more intensely because you are so much more attuned to your inner senses.

Remember, you can re-train your brain with the powerful tool of Scripture and reinforce truths deeper with essential oils. And not just these tools, but also with foods that are healing to the body and relational connections that are healing to the soul. I’m learning about some great eating practices that are out there, as well as amazing relational tools for connecting deeper with people.

I’m excited to be sharing more as I learn! You can follow my progress by subscribing to my newsletter here. If you need someone to talk to on the phone, message me directly here.

Candida Diet Alternative: My Journey to Natural Solutions

orange candidaFor the last several years, I was often tired and dipping into depressed feelings. In our culture, it’s no surprise when you hear somebody say they’re busy or tired. It’s another thing entirely when you’re always tired and stressed. That was the kind of problem I was having. Running around a mile a minute 6-7 days a week can seem like a “good busy.” What I’ve learned, the hard way, is that our bodies just aren’t designed to carry that kind of load. The “good stress” often morphs into “bad stress” underneath the smiling exterior we’ve gotten so used to presenting to other people.

In this post, you’ll see how the load I was carrying led to candida in my system. I hope it answers your questions about what candida is, and what you can do if you find you have it too. It’s possible to clean it out of your system naturally, without dealing with some of the restrictions common to a lot of the popular candida diets out there.

If you’re ready to cut to the chase and learn how to Avoid the Mistakes I made with the Candida Diet Cleanse right now, click here to see the protocol I followed

In 2011, I had a round of health problems that put me on alert when it came to my health: bronchitis, frequent cold sores, gum disease, and neck & back pain that left me not able to turn my head. In 2012, I was looking for a natural way to get rid of my cold sores and found it through essential oils.

What I discovered intrigued me, but I kept silent because I tend to be skeptical and careful. I wanted to investigate more. I wasn’t new to the world of alternative medicine, as I was exposed to homeopathic and Chinese medicine a while back. But I was completely new to using essential oils. I learned they could help with me and my family’s health problems. I tested the oils on myself and found they did indeed help in more ways than one.

In December of 2012, I was tired of being tired… so I decided to exercise regularly. Before this, I didn’t exercise at all, unless you count the college work-out spikes and the summer after my freshman year when I was trying to lose the “freshman fifteen.” I started walking 20 minutes a day around the neighborhood, sometimes with my kids. I got to the point where I was on the elliptical machine or running 3-4 times a week. Setting up that habit paved the way to having more energy.

As my body received the increased exercise along with nature’s nutrients from essential oils, it received increased ability to heal itself from the inside out. I was empowered to take care of problems with my skin, gums, neck & back, and seasonal respiratory issues. When my kids had a meltdown, I gave them citrus oils to smell and they calmed down. Whenever one of us starts to catch a bug, we take some essential oils in a capsule and feel better in two days, instead of two weeks.

I was thrilled. As a busy mom of two, I was glad to know I didn’t need to worry anymore about my kids, husband or myself getting sick or depressed – because we now have a natural alternative to turn to.

Gym_2.2In the past few months, I experienced increasing flu-like symptoms, with pain sometimes jolting through the left side of my body and in my left hip joint area. I’d be short on breath, dizzy and mentally foggy. Skin rashes started showing up on my neck and face. But none of these symptoms lasted long. Different ones came and went. I alternated between thinking, “Is something wrong with my health? Maybe I need to see a doctor” and, “This shouldn’t be anything serious. I just need to stay disciplined and keep exercising.” I was daily reminding myself to think positive thoughts while fighting irritability and mood swings.

What I didn’t know was that I was carrying something around in my body. Despite my best efforts to exercise, pray and stay positive, this “thing” was affecting my health, my mood, and my relationships. I was getting more than tired. I was fed up fighting what felt like an uphill battle.

In a flash, I remembered hearing something two years ago about candida. Immediately I went to research it. Candida is one of those tricky issues to pinpoint, as different symptoms come and go at different times. A person can have it and not know it, as they either deal with their issue until it goes away, or they go to their doctor only to find tests come back with nothing wrong. But if nothing’s wrong, how come you don’t feel good??

What is candida? Candida albicans is a fungus that grows as yeast divide, forming sticky clumps throughout the body that block off circulation, slow stuff down so you can’t get the oxygen you need to all your cells, and prevent certain organs from functioning well. It is basically a yeast overgrowth and infection. Candida’s favorite food is sugar (second favorite is white flour). Well, great. I love cookies, cakes and chocolate. Not to mention my nightly sweet milk tea to relax with my husband. Oh, and the weekend coffee with sugar. Just about everything has some form of sugar in it. My mom said candida sounds like a pretty name. She’s right in that it sounds pretty – but it ain’t pretty.

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