Lighter Every Day Journal presents Small Steps to Connect Deeper with Your Loved Ones

This interactive Journal will help you get in touch with your inner motivation and work with your emotions to get things done. If you're tired of...

  • Struggling to make the healthy changes you've been wanting
  • Trying to follow a set schedule and not keeping up
  • Letting stress, anxiety or depression weigh you or your loved ones down

Then you'll love the flexible structure and gentle nudging this Journal will give you. Feel Lighter this year!

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Hi, I'm Jinnia and this is my daughter Bethany...

We love working on projects to help make everyday living smoother.

Together we created the Lighter Every Day Journal to help moms and small business owners connect with their inner motivation and feel lighter.

Let's take loving care of our mind, body and emotions. It's time you and I consistently get things done with more ease and fun!

In Your Own Time & Style, Discover...

  • Revived Relationships

    Personalized action steps to cultivate happy, authentic relationships with yourself and loved ones

  • Renewed Meaning

    Blank pages for to-do listing, doodling or brain dumping to explore your passion and purpose

  • Emotional Fitness

    Inspiration and brief workouts to help you take loving care of your heart and body

Each Month We'll Aim To...

* Connect with one person you love every day using the Focus Word for the month

* Color and "play with" an illustration drawn by my daughter

* Use the Monthly Calendar to brainstorm and check off Essential Actions you’ll take to build deeper connection in your relationships

Weekly Emotional Checks To Keep Tabs On Changes...

* See how your emotions change over the week by jotting down situations or emotions that cause a strong reaction in you

Connect with yourself and your loved ones in specific ways throughout the week, using "The Bottom Bar"

Build up more positive emotions with Renewing Thoughts and a Body Movement short exercise

Daily Blank Pages To Own For Yourself What You're Learning...

Use these Blank Pages any way(s) you like:

* List out to-do items similar to "bullet journaling"

* Doodle your own ideas inspired by my daughter's monthly illustrations

* Free write some more, or record your progress on the week's Renewing Thought & Body Movement exercise

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