pbook002_500pxAs busy women juggling many responsibilities, it takes intention to connect deeper with your loved ones. Quality down time with yourself matters!

Taking loving care of yourself and your emotions will empower you to work with them to get things done.

This year-long Journal will give you the structure and creativity to thrive in your own personal way as you build deeper connection with the people you love.

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Ever feel trapped in a life that’s not as fulfilling as you want it to be? What if there was a way out in front of you, and your dreams could be re-ignited in as little as 1 month? Your heart’s desires matter and your dreams deserve to be birthed, but healing may need to happen first.

This collection of transparent stories, powerful affirmations and guided questions will empower you to feel celebrated! Take the challenge to leave the prison and occupy the palace.

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Essential oils are a natural tool to support your body, mind and spirit…making it easier and smoother for you to move through challenges and transformations in your life.

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Rising Delight CoverThis collection of peaceful music rises from the depths of the artist’s own emotional healing process documented in the companion workbook The Queens’ Journal. Use it to enhance your own discoveries.

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