The Queens' Journal Reveals: 7 Key Principles Every Woman Needs To Go From Feeling Like A Worn Out Workhorse To Celebrated Royalty

This interactive 30-day guide will show you how to find your own answers to problems like...

  • Feeling distant or disconnected from God and the people close to you
  • Being trapped in a life that's not as fulfilling as you want it to be
  • Running on empty while conducting your daily affairs with a plastered smile
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In this book You Will Discover...

  • Revived Relationships

    Effective tips to cultivate happy, authentic relationships with yourself and with those close to you

  • Renewed Meaning

    Practical ways to reconnect with your passion and purpose, solidifying who you are and whose you are

  • Radiant Emotional Health

    Inspiration to go deep in a peaceful and powerful discovery process designed to empower you to thrive

What Other People Are Saying...

"The Queens' Journal" empowers you to enter your future while leaving your past in the rearview mirror.  Anybody can write a book...but few people can write one that will significantly improve the quality of a person’s life...Rachel and Jinnia have done just that.  Congratulations.
Harold Herring, President
Harold Herring, President Debt Free Army
I love the name of this book "The Queens' Journal", it sets the tone for recognizing who we really are - the daughters of the all mighty King!  And we, these queens, are filled with substances of brokenness, flaws, imperfections, failures, etc. in life to make us as beautiful as precious jewels!
Kelly Baader, Amazon Bestseller Author
Kelly Baader, Amazon Bestseller Author Leadership Trainer/Speaker/Coach with John C Maxwell Team
"Knowing Jinnia and Rachel and the depths of their sincerity and compassion, this book is nothing short of their whole hearts poured into written word. They've laced their wisdom, their experiences, and their personal faith throughout the pages of this workbook and have inspired me with the exercises, prompts, affirmations, and practices within."
Tara Wagner, Life Coach
Tara Wagner, Life Coach Helping Women Overcome Barriers in Themselves and Their Homes
"These two women are unstoppable POWERHOUSES.  This book is a testament to the diverse challenges they have each faced by becoming wives and mothers.  It is a must read for any woman struggling with issues of self worth and pain.  This book gives a woman permission to follow her dreams."
Heather Madder
Heather Madder The Coach for Change-Makers
"The Queens' Journal" is a journey into the lives of Jinnia and Rachel as they share their hearts, struggles and lessons of their journey to where they are today and where they are headed going forward.  It really made me think about my own struggles, especially Jinnia's story of her father.  I sat in tears as I remembered my own dad and how much I miss him to this day.  I especially love how this isn't just a book to read, but rather a journal of discovery that can be revisited 3, 5 or however many years from now."
Patty Gale, Owner
Patty Gale, Owner Inspired WebWorks
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