You CAN Take Charge Of Your Health And Family Mood

Do You Want To…

  • Quickly take care of aches, pains and sickness so you can get back to your life and activities?
  • Enjoy carefree, fun times with your family and more meaningful down time for yourself?
  • Help your teenager see "fuzzy" wants clearly and set more fulfilling goals?

You Are Fit To Sustain Positive Change On YOUR Schedule And Effortlessly Turn Everyday Stress Into Positive Energy...

Jinnia_warm_400pxHi. My name is Jinnia Low. I'm an emotional fitness specialist helping moms enjoy beautiful health and deeper connection with their preteens/teenagers.

I work with masters in self-care and self-defense to bring you tools & techniques to take charge of your health and family mood.

Let's go out and breathe in the fresh air. Enjoy our favorite aromas. Ditch the diets and hard workouts. Have fun while eating foods we love. Move our body to exercise that "feeds our soul."

I dream that your heart will be refreshed. You will have energizing thoughts. And you will release weight naturally... including emotional "baggage" weight. Life at home will be more consistently smooth and fun.

Let's work together and uncover that brilliance...

Jinnia Low

I coach and teach clients intentional SELF-CARE & SELF-DEFENSE techniques to:

  • Uncover & Use your #1 Motivation to get important (unglamorous) things DONE
  • Connect deeply with your Core Strength & set core goals that fulfill
  • Discover the Best Essential Oil Aromas to protect your core (the Shield Technique)
  • Energize your Mind & Heart to change long-standing patterns of self-defeat (the Pivot Technique)
  • Figure out your Next-Step-Vision in that project or with that person & Apply it using a custom short Self-Defense Move
  • Pair the Right Aroma with your Next-Step-Vision Moves to hammer Renewing Thoughts DEEP & Sustain Positive Mindset Change FOREVER (the Drive Technique)

If Jinnia had not helped me to get a better look at what I am doing right I would not have been prepared to understand a certain blessing in my business. She helped me find the clarity I needed to be patient with myself, and in all aspects of life including with others.

Brenda S.

Each heart workout gave me a new perspective and new way to look at my family and my actions in the day. Working with Jinnia has helped me find ways to be able to communicate better with myself and my family. I am often times very critical of myself and I'm always trying to get things right. The use of positive affirmations, helped me see that I am doing things that make a difference in my family.

Katrell W.

Here's How It Works:

This is one-to-one coaching on the phone so you can be ANYWHERE in the United States.

Once you sign up, you'll receive:

  • A Welcome Email From Me Containing Either...
  • An Energy & Essential Oils Discovery Questionnaire OR an Emotional Fitness Self-Defense Breakthrough Coaching Guide
  • INSTANT access to the eMotion FIT Moms Group for SUPPORT, MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION
  • Coaching worksheets to make tracking and planning easy
  • Extras as outlined below

Having invested multiple thousands of dollars with business coaches, personal trainers, marriage counselors, life coaches, doctors and global leaders like John Maxwell, Kelly Baader and Joshua Axe...

I'm going to reveal mistakes I made over the years, plus the research and solutions to achieve deeper emotional connection with yourself and your loved ones.

Below You'll Find 2 Options Of Working With Me

Self-Care Essential Oils Coaching
  • 1-1 Energy & Essential Oils Session
  • eMotion FIT Moms Private FB Group
  • 7 Daily Essential Oil Protocols for General Family Wellness*
  • *Available with purchase of Essential Oils Kit
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Katrell WestbrookI really enjoyed the video call. Just hearing Jinnia say, "That you've been training in your life to do the things you do" and that resonated with me a great deal. That everything I'm doing does matter. I'm not just a mom but I'm important and my existence has purpose.

Many times, I think as a mom you're like "How many loads of laundry do I have to do today", or "Man, I'm so tired when is bed time". You know we all have those moments but we're a ministry to our own families and others outside and when we're heart and body healthy we can do so much more as a whole.

Katrell W.

As a busy Mom of five and a leader for a global business team, I cannot just turn to anyone for guidance. The coaching that Jinnia has provided for me has given me a sacred space where I can work out my problems in confidence.

Jinnia’s feedback has helped me to stay refreshed and finish the mission, and I am thankful for her valuable input and strong but gentle spirit.  Working with her will help you to excel and feel more peaceful in the process.

Rachel S.

As an essential oils coach, I am committed to educating my clients on safer alternatives for better health. Once they see how simple it is to integrate essential oils into their everyday self-care, they are over-the-moon happy they don't have to rely solely on medications, anti-depressants or sweets when they get sick or feel down.

I have clients raving how much better they are sleeping, how their muscle pain is soothed, how their kids are focusing better and how much more energized they feel. "I’ve been heavy-hearted on and off over the last few days. When I stop to breathe in [a certain] oil, it always shifts my energy, opens my senses and makes me feel lighter."

Pair the right essential oil aroma with the self-defense stance / shield / strike you resonate with, and you will stand up with a sound mind, break through the struggle to the other side... and become unstoppable.

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  1. Your own personalized 90-Day Essential Oil Protocol to meet you specifically in the space deep inside where you are ready to break through the struggle, clear the blockage, and sustain the change you start
  2. Seven Daily Essential Oil Protocols for General Family Wellness

When you join us eMotion FIT Moms you can expect: 

Ongoing self-care essential oils education

A weekly self-defense exercise or aroma tip

Soulful connection with like-minded sisters around the globe*

*The women in this group are tender-hearted and fierce...

Beautiful warriors for health and relationships.

Self-Care Essential Oils Coaching
  • 1-1 Energy & Essential Oils Session
  • eMotion FIT Moms Private FB Group
  • 7 Daily Essential Oil Protocols for General Family Wellness*
  • *Available with purchase of Essential Oils Kit
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(included with Self-Defense Breakthrough Coaching Package)

*Jinnia is a John Maxwell Team/Essential Oil Institute Certified Coach specializing in emotional fitness. She is not a mental health professional. The education and training she provides is not meant to replace the medical advice of a doctor or therapist. Please see a doctor if you think you have depression or physical health issues contributing to the stress you feel.

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