Do You Champion Your Preteen Or Teenager’s Growth & Well-Being, But As Their Behavior Gets Ruder, You Barely Know What’s Going On In Their Lives?

Hang in there. Not all kids end up disrespectful as teenagers, but some disrespect is normal.

As preteens and teens start to explore different (and deeper) ways of doing things, they can be “rocked” by thoughts & feelings they never had before. They get upset and grumpy more than usual. These years can take you for a dizzying spin. But it’s possible to stay sane AND show love as you deal with disrespectful behavior, especially when you learn …

  • How to improve your family’s mood right away

  • What you can do to sleep better at night

  • What creates emotional patterns & fears

  • How to use essential oils to increase love, motivation and meaningful connection

Whether out-of-control feelings come from your kids, bounce around to you and back, you CAN start to deal elegantly with emotions like worry, anger, heartache, grief, anxiety and depression without having to rely on caffeine, medication, sweets or yelling. Click on the blue graphic to the right to learn more.