Are You A Champion For Your Kids, But Feel Like You Can Barely Decide For Yourself What To Wear Or Eat Some Days? Maybe You’re Carrying Around Extra Emotional Baggage That’s Making Things Heavier Than They Need To Be…

What If You Could Throw That Baggage To The Side And Manage Your Mood (And The Moods Of Your Whole Family) More Easily?

Stick with me for a moment and imagine yourself letting go of that person, that situation or that job… and genuinely being grateful for the present moment you have in front of you. Picture yourself picking up one broken piece of life and creating a bright future with it…

It can be hard to see hope when you’re in the thick of some hard stuff happening. But it’s not impossible. With the help of a compassionate coach, God and natural tools, you can deal elegantly with emotions like joylessness, grief, disconnection, anxiety and depression without having to rely only on medications, sweets or anti-depressants.

During an Emotional Fitness Workshop, you’ll learn:emotional fitness workshop graphic

  • How the brain works in simple terms

  • What creates emotional patterns & fears

  • How these things affect our physical body & health

  • What you can do to sleep better at night

  • How to let emotions represent the best in you

  • What essential oils can do for your inner well-being

  • How to boost your family’s mood right now

Any of this resonate with you? Pre-book an Emotional Fitness Workshop by clicking the button below. You’ll be directed to contact me for a 15-minute session to explore if this is a good fit for the both of us.