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You Are Valuable, You Are Cherished!

Cherished cover photoDid you know, you are valued? Even when you don’t feel valued, you are valuable.  That’s the truth.

When people don’t value you, it’s not you they’re devaluing. It’s themselves.

Let’s pretend for a moment…

You’re at a get-together, pouring yourself a drink. Someone spots you and approaches the food table. As she arrives, she glances at you.

You smile to be friendly; she gives you a blank stare for one long second, then looks away without returning your smile.

You might wonder, “Did I do something wrong?” You might feel hurt.

But would you feel devalued?

You see, in her mind, she was thinking, “Oh, you’re pretty. I’m not pretty like you are.”  She may not feel secure enough in herself to be around someone that she thinks is prettier than she is. Sadly, she is devaluing herself.

If you don’t value yourself, do you see how easy it would be to start seeing yourself through her eyes – and begin to devalue yourself too?

Is that accurate? It is accurate to see yourself through someone else’s glasses?

I have a friend, Bethany Connor, who’s a a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Nurse Corps.

Bethany is a successful professional woman who seems to have it all together. She has created a life that works for her by keeping busy, being knowledgeable, doing her job with perfection, and having high expectations for herself and others. Bethany lives her life wearing masks – and not allowing people to see or know the ‘real’ Bethany in order to prevent herself from getting hurt. Although this way of being had previously served her, she got to a place where it no longer worked for her. Her realization of this led her through a journey of self-discovery.

Bethany struggled through her own journey of finding her authenticity. She suffered through two years of severe depression and a life time of low self-worth and co-dependency hidden behind the mask of perfection. Through that struggle her strength was born. Now a transformed woman, her passion is to support others in their journey of self- discovery and in re-kindling the latent dreams buried deep within their hearts.

She wrote a book about this journey – her journey into authenticity.  In it, she talks about becoming aware of the sunglasses that she was wearing, that were causing her to experience life a certain way.  For a long time, “life as she believed it to be” was giving her a lot of grief and heartache.


I read her book and found it so refreshing, honest and powerful.

Powerful, not because of an out-of-the-world super power.

But powerful, because of a transformation process she was willing to go through, from the inside out.

If you struggle with seeing yourself as valuable, check out her book at

Cherished will help you to get where you have always wanted to be, as you learn to live in authentic confidence of who you are – and the value that you have to share with the world!