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3-Minute Fresh Start Workout

We hear it all the time: Exercise is important. Doing it *consistently* can be challenging…

If you haven’t worked out in a while and want a bit of a boost, here’s a brief 3-minute workout I did in a private group that I facilitate. This is designed for beginning and intermediate level. The idea is to move your body, get the blood circulating freer and the creative juices flowing better. Those of you that work out regularly, modify as you feel fit to do so.

The focus: Building a Stronger Core (Planks, Push ups, Sit ups).

A strong physical core goes hand-in-hand with a strong spiritual core. Starting and figuring out how to sustain these in our own situations and schedule may be rough & rocky at first. I wholehearted believe it’s a practice well worth the effort.

Below is a graphic of the entire workout. You can download it to your phone and whip it out anytime you have a 5-minute break during your day.

Suggestions to maximize this:

  1. Think, “It’s just 3 minutes. I will feel energized afterwards.”
  2. Hook it to a habit you already have, ie. after brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom or _____.
  3. Invite others to do it with you, esp. those you think could use a nudge to “move their body” for better health.

Fresh Start Workout

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